Top Trends in Software Testing

software testingAs software testing progresses and becomes a more important part of releasing high-quality programs and apps, the trends that dominate the industry become more important as well. It is important for testers to keep up with these trends so that they can be ahead of the curve while reviewing their projects. This year has brought us many new changes that will be impacting quality assurance testing.

Mobile App Testing to Go Mainstream

These days, every programmer and entrepreneur out there is trying to get their hot new app approved and posted up on their favorite app store. With the approval process becoming more difficult at major app stores, the testing of these mobile apps will undoubtedly go mainstream.  Untested or under-tested programs are more frequently being rejected or sent back to have bugs fixed before being approved.

The Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things – a network of connected physical objects, devices, and even buildings and utility services – growing in size every day, QA auditors will need to leverage new testing to keep up this growing network. Being aware of this trend will assist with proper quality checking, as well as help prepare organizations for ensuring compatibility and connectivity with a far more diverse pool of connections in the next stage in Internet-enabled devices.

Keeping an Eye on Security

Each year, the world sees the threat from hackers continue to increase. These hackers are becoming more devious year after year, and the opportunities to break into systems are becoming more plentiful as more devices are released. At the same time, the malware created by these malicious coders is becoming even more destructive. QA testers will have to be diligent and review their projects with a fine-toothed comb so they can prevent coding errors or holes in code that can open the door to these threats and prevent hackers from gaining access to users’ systems or software.

Automation Testing

With the growing availability of open source automation tools, the tech world has seen a rise in test automation within the past few years. Due to this, testers have the ability to create more efficient test frameworks. In fact, Red Herring reports that nearly half of software teams surveyed by Zephyr reported using two to four automation utilities as part of their development process. It is likely that companies will begin to view test automation as more of a necessity than a luxury as the years progress.

Increased Budgets for Testing

With all of these new improvements, an increased number of mobile apps, and the fear of malware and hacker attacks, software testing is becoming a bigger deal than ever before. According to the 2015-2016 World Quality Report, the testing and QA budgets at companies have risen 9 percent on an annual basis. This just goes to show that businesses are beginning to truly understand the importance of quality assurance testing, and this trend is only likely to continue through this year and into the future.

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