Understanding Cross Browser Automation Testing

From Safari to Chrome to Firefox, people use multiple browsers on a daily basis. When building a website, then, you have to make sure that your application will be able to function across platforms. Cross browser automation testing is designed to do just that.  

What is cross browser automation? Understanding Cross Browser Automation Testing

Cross browser automation is a type of non-functional test used to make sure that your website or application can be accessed across multiple browsers, whether it be Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, among others. However, it can also get a bit more complicated, as you not only have to check the browsers, but also the different browser-device combinations. For example, Firefox on an iPhone will run differently than Firefox on an Android, and cross browser testing checks to ensure that your website can run on both. 

Which browsers are tested? 

There are hundreds of browsers, devices, and browser-device combinations out there. Testing them all would be simply impossible. In that respect, you’ll need to narrow down your choices based on popularity. Figure out which browsers and devices are most commonly used amongst your target audience, and then test those. As a rule of thumb, you should test all browsers/devices that gets over 5% of traffic. 

Which features are tested during a cross browser test? 

During cross browser testing, multiple features are tested to ensure that your website performs as it should on a specific browser and/or device. Those features include: 

  • Base functionality 
  • Graphical user interface 
  • Response 
  • Performance 
  • Accessibility 

At Beta Breakers Quality Assurance Labs, our team of engineers offer a wide variety of automation testing, including cross browser automation. To learn more about our services, contact us online or by phone at 415-878-2990. 

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