What Is an Intuitive Interface?

Part of creating an effective and appealing website or mobile app is the design. Your application’s design should not only function properly, but it should also be intuitive. Also known as intuitive design, an intuitive interface is an essential part of developing a usable, user-friendly website or app. But what does it mean? Here we provide you with the answers:

What is it?What Is an Intuitive Interface?

An intuitive interface is an interface that works exactly as the user expects it to. For example, when a user sees a button, they assume that if they click that button it will perform a specific action. We don’t have to think about how that button works, we just know how it works. Good intuitive design, then, is user-friendly and offers good UX.

How do you create an intuitive interface?

Creating an intuitive interface or good intuitive design is all about minimizing the knowledge gap. The knowledge gap is the difference between what a user already knows about using apps or websites and what they need to know to use your specific app or website. Intuitive design, then, aims to design an interface in which there is very little that a user will have to learn about using your application.

In order to minimize the knowledge gap, however, you need to understand the user. You can do this in two of the following ways:

  • Apply usability tests
  • Perform user research through one-on-one interviews, customer reviews, beta testing, and more

At Beta Breakers, we can help you create an intuitive interface for your app or website through our many quality assurance tests. To learn more, contact us today.

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