What Makes Great Software?

In the technology and information age, companies across the country are battling each other to get the newest and most innovative software to the market. But what separates successful software from the rest of the pack?
Generally speaking, successful software is the kind that’s reliable and easy-to-use. Furthermore, great software offers features people need and want in their lives, along with good help and support should they have any questions or concerns down the line. Finally, great software offers value for the money it costs to use.
Have you ever bought a piece of furniture you had to assemble yourself and it came with vague instructions? You looked at the graphics, the letters, numbers and arrows and got so confused that it made you frustrated. Now imagine you bought some software and wanted to use it as you intended but it wasn’t easy to use. Worse yet, there seemed to be no means of support to answer questions you had – no instruction sheet, no toll-free help line, etc. Not a good feeling.
In life, details matter. You can always tell when someone puts a lot of time, effort and energy into something. Conversely, you can always tell when they don’t. Software is no exception. Bad software gets few users because it quickly earns a bad reputation. Great software though ends up well-received by users who then tell others, “This is the one to get!”
If you produce software and you want to ensure that it’s well-received, one way to achieve your goals is through extensive beta testing. Beta Breakers Quality Assurance Labs provides just that. QA is their expertise and passing your software through their labs will ensure your software is not just good, but great. Great software functions as intended and delivers a good experience to users. With extensive beta testing, you can ensure your software works well before it’s in the marketplace and exposed to public opinion.

Written by Beta Breakers

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