What to Expect When Hiring a Quality Assurance Company

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If it’s your first time hiring a Quality Assurance Company, you may not be entirely sure what to expect, and that’s okay! Developing an app or website is an incredible amount of work, and your QA team is here to make things run smoothly. At Beta Breakers, we are with you each step of the way to ensure total satisfaction and thorough testing. Below are some things you can expect when hiring a quality assurance company!


A main tenet of being part of a QA team is being proactive. So, it comes as no surprise that when you hire a QA testing company, you will be met with people who are friendly, observant, collaborative, and of course, attentive.

For us at Beta Breakers, this means using our years of experience to help you! We know the ins and outs of apps and websites, what tests to run, what the results mean, and how to approach any issues. An open, honest, and direct line of communication is paramount in these situations.

We will meet any of your concerns with knowledge and understanding, and also provide you with insight and feedback. Talk about a win-win!

No Shortage of Ideas

Similar to what we spoke about above, your quality assurance team will be familiar with all the workings of your website or app. The more time spent working with a website or app, combined with the experience and talent of Beta Breakers, means our testers will have no shortage of ideas! Whether it’s ways to improve user interface, ways to prevent future defects, or how to overall improve upon your app or website.

Bonus: this means we can easily troubleshoot any issues or unsatisfactory testing results!

Multiple Tests

It is imperative to have multiple tests done to ensure that your app or website is running smoothly and bug-free! Ideally, you can find a quality assurance company that does automated and manual testing.

The result of hiring a Quality Assurance Company and receiving both manual and automated testing is that you get a comprehensive testing experience. Having both automated testing and manual testing is truly the only way to ensure your app or website is not only bug-free, but performs how you envision. Ultimately, while automated testing is efficient, humans, not robots, will be using your app or website.  

When developing your software, you want a reliable and knowledgeable team to assist you with any and all of your testing and quality assurance needs. And that is where we here at Beta Breakers come in!

Since 1981 we have been learning, growing, and perfecting the art of quality assurance. We proudly offer both automated and manual testing. To learn more or to get started, visit us online or call us at 415.878.2990. For more informative reads like this one, check out our blog.

Written by Beta Breakers

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