White Box vs. Black Box vs. Gray Box Testing

There are many software testing methods that are deployed in order to thoroughly test an application. Among the most commonly used testing methods are white box testing, black box testing, and gray box testing. Here we discuss the differences between the three: 

White box testing White Box vs. Black Box vs. Gray Box Testing

White box testing, also known as clear box testing or code base testing, tests the internal structure of your application. In other words, a tester will go through an application’s code line by line to check for any errors in design or logic. 

Black box testing 

Black box testing does not trouble itself with the internal workings of an application. Instead, it is concerned with the functionality of said application. The internal structure, or the code, is not known, so a black box test will focus on the output and inputs and the overall behavior of the software.  

Gray box testing 

Finally, there is gray box testing. This is not as commonly used as white box or black box testing, but it is nevertheless an important software testing method. It is seen as a combination of white box and black box testing where there is a partial understanding of the internal structure (the code) of a particular software. As such, gray box texting can find defects in the code as well as defects in functionality.  

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