Why a Professional, Well-Functioning Website Is Essential for Modern Businesses

well-functioning websiteRegardless of the size of your business, a professional, well-functioning website is a key component to your success. Almost everyone is on the Internet nowadays, and there are an endless number of online stores for your potential customers to choose from.

Need more convincing that your company needs a website or an update? Here are just a few reasons why a high quality, well-functioning website is necessary for every business.

Give a Good First Impression

With so many individuals using the Internet as a tool to learn more about a company before visiting their brick and mortar location, an attractive website is more important than ever. Your website is most likely the first impression potential customers and future employees will have of your business and first impressions do count for a lot.

Searching the web is the new version of window shopping, so make your digital storefront accessible and attractive to help draw customers in.

Foster Credibility

It can be difficult for small, local businesses to build up their credibility, and a professional website is a great way to foster this feeling. A good website will provide potential customers with information about your brand, as well as your individual products or services, helping them to make an educated purchase.

The perceived value of a business with an attractive website is much higher than that of a company with no online presence or a poor online presence, making a functional and professional website a key aspect to your success.

Provide Constant Access

One of the best parts of having a website is the ability to provide your customers with 24/7 access to your products and information. Whether a customer decides to purchase something from your site overnight or they read through your FAQ page to find the answer to a question they have about your services, your website is an incredible tool to keep customers satisfied regardless of if your brick and mortar shop is open or closed.

Showcase Your Talent

When developing your website, think of it as an online brochure. The perfect location to showcase your best work, a gallery section of your website is a simple way to share your talent with the world – especially if you offer a service like interior decorating, landscaping or construction. Regardless of if you have a physical product to sell on your site or not, the extra information you can offer customers via the Internet is invaluable.

Avoid Missed Opportunities

With online shopping becoming more and more popular among consumers, not having a website – or having an outdated site – can result in numerous missed sales and opportunities. Keep up with your customers.  Create an attractive online platform they can use with ease.  That will lead to an increase in exposure, sales and more.

As you are developing your new website, Beta Breakers can help you ensure that everything is performing correctly with our website testing. Our team of experts will work to ensure your site is fully functional and compatible with all supported browsers and operating systems.

Interested in learning more about our website quality assurance? Visit us online or contact us by phone at 415-878-2990.


Written by Beta Breakers

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