Windows October Update is Live

Windows 10The “October Update” for Windows 10 is now live. This update brings the operating system version up to 1809 and is the second major Windows 10 release this year. Like most big releases, it will likely follow a staggered rollout, so not everyone will be updating to it right away. It should however become the predominant version of Windows 10 in the wild fairly quickly.

First up, there’s a new clipboard experience. Now, you can copy and paste stuff across different devices. It even saves multiple items, so you don’t have to keep going back and forth. Super handy if you’re working on more than one device or need to move things around quickly.

Another great addition is the Your Phone app. This app connects your Windows 10 PC to your smartphone, letting you access photos and texts from your phone directly on your computer. No more juggling between devices – everything you need is right there on your PC.

Changes in Microsoft Edge have also become more interesting

Microsoft Edge, the default browser, also got some upgrades. Now you have more control over media autoplay and a better reading view. It’s designed to make browsing smoother and more enjoyable.

Security got a boost too. There are better protections against ransomware and other threats. Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus, has new features to keep your PC safe in real-time.

We’ve begun deploying the update on our labs systems for testing, and it will become the de-facto default image for most of our Windows 10 systems going forward. That said, we also maintain a full range of the major Windows 10 versions (all the way back to 1507, the original Gold release), so we can easily support testing on less-current versions of the operating system as well.

As always, check back here periodically if you are interested in the state of our labs, or contact us if you think we can be of service for your projects.

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