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Windows October Update is Live

The “October Update” for Windows 10 is now live. This update brings the operating system version up to 1809 and is the second major Windows 10 release this year. Like most big releases, it will likely follow a staggered rollout, so not everyone will be updating to it right away. It should however become the… Read more »

The New Windows 10 Spring Update is Live

After being delayed by a bug that caused an uptick in Blue Screen of Death crashes, Microsoft has finally released its Windows 10 April 2018 update (formerly known as the Spring Creators Update) to the general public. Users won’t get the automatic update until May 8, but they can manually update their machines today. This… Read more »

Microsoft Begins Beta Testing Eye Controls for Windows 10

On August 1, Microsoft announced that it was working with Swedish tech company Tobii to introduce an eye tracking feature to Windows 10 that allows users to control their PCs and mobile devices with their eyes, rather than a mouse and keyboard or touchscreen. Then, just a day later Microsoft introduced a beta version of… Read more »