YouTube Beta Testing New Concepts in India

YouTube Beta Testing New Concepts in India YouTube is testing the waters for a new app in India thanks to beta testing technology.

The new video-sharing app, YouTube Go, is targeted to digitally savvy users that live in areas like India and other South Asian countries that frequently encounter connectivity issues.

The app uses video compression tech to ensure that users are able to stream videos reliably even with Internet issues.

The app’s unique data-saving features aim to address the issues that people in that region face with connectivity. Users in the area tend to rely on WiFi and 2G mobile data when available.

The hopes are that while the app will help save on data, it will also help keep mobile bills down without decreasing the ability of Indian users to watch and share their favorite videos on the app.

  • Customized for Indian audiences, the app recommends videos popular in that area.
  • The app also allows users to save videos to be viewed offline without using data.
  • Another attractive offline feature is the ability to share videos over Bluetooth.
  • Before viewing the full video, users are also able to watch a short preview to see if it’s worth watching.
  • Other data-saving features include the ability for users to select the resolution quality and the data amount they’d like to use while viewing.

The beta version of the app is available for download in the Indian Google Play store. Google, YouTube’s owner, is encouraging app feedback during beta testing as a way to fine-tune and assess if the solution provided is addressing the pressing issues at hand. Events will also be held regionally as another feedback touchpoint with Indian audiences.

Considering the unique connectivity challenges this region faces, the app could be a game changer in the mobile world in India and beyond.

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