Demystifying Testing: A Comprehensive Guide to Quality Assurance Testing

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If you’re not in the business of quality assurance testing, or it is your first time seeking a company to help with it, the terms and the tests are likely confusing.

We get it! Even if you’re in a related field, you may not know the specifics- and that’s alright! Beta Breakers is here to help.

In this blog, we’re keeping it basic- we’re going to use the 5 W’s to go over QA testing step by step!

Who Needs QA Testing?

Whether you have developed an app, a website, or any other type of software, you should employ QA testing. Specifically, you should hire a QA company that can step in and help. It’s alright if it’s your first time or you aren’t sure what to expect. A good QA company can step in and answer any questions.

What Is QA Testing?

QA testing is a series of tests done to ensure your product (app, website, or software) is running smoothly.

Beta Breakers conducts two types of testing: manual and automated.  Put simply: automated testing is done by computers. Tests are conducted repeatedly.  Manual testing is done by humans, which is great for many reasons, but here are two:

  1. Our testers comprehensively test for you. We have years of experience and know how to anticipate and mitigate any issues.
  2. People will be using your product- not robots! Having humans test for you ensures that the app, website, or software runs well and is easy-to-use on a more basic level.

A computer can scan for hidden bugs, while a human can ensure that the product is straightforward.

When Should I Get Testing Done?

When it comes to QA testing: the earlier, the better. It’s typically advised to seek QA testing when you have an FRD (Functional Requirements Document). An FRD is a document that defines the function of your software.

In simpler terms, it’s essentially a document or contract that outlines the ideal outcomes or end goals.

Why Should I Outsource QA Testing?

We mentioned it earlier, but project blindness is real. Think about it. If you spend hours writing something, and give it a read-over, you may miss a typo or two. A QA company can step in and help ensure a comprehensive run-through of your product. We know there are many myths about QA testing (more on that here), and we are here to help guide you and prove those myths wrong.

QA testing companies also save you money- you do not need to buy equipment, section a workspace, or pay recruitment fees!

Where Can I Sign Up?


But, in all seriousness, you want a company with years of experience and a reliable and knowledgeable team.

And that is where we here at Beta Breakers come in. Since 1981 we have been learning, growing, and perfecting the art of quality assurance. We offer testing in many fields, ranging from entertainment to education and everything in between. We are flexible, responsive, and, most importantly: trustworthy. We make it easy to get started, ensuring your testing is done promptly and efficiently! To learn more, or to get started, visit us online or call us at 415.878.2990. For informative reads like this one, check out our blog

Written by Beta Breakers

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