Don’t Treat Your Customers Like Beta Testers

Don’t Treat Your Customers Like Beta Testers

Once upon a time, companies spent months and, in some cases even years refining software and resolving bugs before sending a finished product out to their customers. They wanted to make sure that everything was just right prior to the software launch, since any lingering bugs could damage their reputation among customers and prevent their products from selling.

But as Scientific American points out, there are many companies—including Microsoft, Apple and Google—that are routinely releasing new products with conspicuous software bugs in them these days.

The thought is that these companies can always fix the bugs with future software patches, which puts customers into a tricky spot and forces them to act like beta testers at the beginning of a product’s lifespan.

This works for companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google because, in many cases, they are pushing free products—like Google Docs, for example—so releasing them in “beta” form doesn’t hurt business.

Customers are less inclined to complain about bugs if they are using a free product. But if you are selling a product that is filled with software issues, it’s a much different story.

Customers are going to be frustrated if they spend their hard-earned money on your software only to find that they are essentially serving as a beta tester for you. This is why you should seriously consider conducting a thorough beta test prior to the release of a product.

Beta Breakers can help make this process simpler for you with our industry-leading quality assurance and application testing services. We understand that it can take a lot of work to test software, and for more than 25 years now, we have worked with companies to improve their software products and rid them of bugs before their release.

Our goal is to help software developers deliver a polished, finished product to customers so that those customers don’t have to act as beta testers during the first few months following a release.

Your customers will appreciate you conducting your due diligence, and will be more satisfied with the end result.

Would you like to learn more about the software testing services available at Beta Breakers? Call us at 415-878-2990 today to find out how we can help you conduct proper testing procedures on new software products before you release them to your customers.

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