Google Begins Beta Testing New Search Console Interface

Google Begins Beta Testing New Search Console InterfaceFor businesses that sell products and services online, financial success can depend heavily on their standing in Google’s search results. As such, it’s important for these companies to maintain their reputation with Google so that they can make their websites as visible as possible to prospective customers. That’s why Google created Search Console, a free service that offers companies a host of tools for monitoring and maintaining their search presence. Search Console provides detailed insights into how Google analyzes a website’s performance, and suggestions for improvement to webmasters and business owners.

Now, Google has begun beta testing a new look for Search Console that takes design cues from the mobile-friendly version of the tool which was released in May, 2016. The beta release of the revised Search Console features all the same figures and statistics it always has, but in a visual format that’s more streamlined and easy to navigate. Menu options have been pared down and consolidated, icons have been simplified and graphical representations of site traffic have been made more visually appealing. Images of the new interface were recently leaked by a participant in the Beta, and the updated design is looking pretty promising.

Hopefully, the updated version of Search Console will make it even easier for business owners who aren’t especially Internet savvy to effectively maintain their search presence with Google. The new interface is still in beta, but Google is expected to begin rolling it out to the general public in the coming weeks.

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