Selenium IDE Makes Browser Test Automation Even Easier

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In our last blog entry, we discussed the virtues of using a powerful tool called Selenium WebDriver to automate tests for browser-based web applications. This open-source tool allows developers and QA teams to write automated test scripts for today’s leading web browsers in a variety of programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby and PHP. This software is incredibly useful, but it’s also just one component of the larger Selenium test automation suite.

Today we’ll take a moment to address another piece of the Selenium suite: Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE offers a complete integrated development environment that can be implemented as a browser extension in Chrome and Firefox.  The IDE browser extensions make it easy to write and edit scripts, record and playback existing test scripts, debug scripts and more. It also features a helpful autocomplete function that supports all common Selenium commands.

With Selenium IDE, web apps can be seamlessly tested and debugged right from a browser.

This streamlined development environment is ideal for browser-based apps that require regular, rigorous testing. At Beta Breakers, we use the Selenium suite in addition to a number of other automation tools to deliver industry-leading continuous integration test solutions to our clients.

With years of test automation experience and a thorough knowledge of the latest automation tools and techniques, we have become well-recognized as one of the premier providers of QE services in the nation. To learn more about how test automation can allow you to release the best possible product to your customers, give us a call or contact us online today.

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