Six Tips for a Successful Software Launch

software launchA smooth and successful software launch does much more than just limit headaches around your office; it also influences the long-term success of your product. The product launch date may just be one day, but it is a day that involves extensive planning to ensure success.

Here at Beta Breakers, we work closely with clients about to launch their software.  Here are just a few of the best tips we have picked up along the way.

Develop Logos and Branding

Long before your product’s launch, you should have its particular logo and branding developed. You will need ample time to test and review this media, work with target customers and focus groups, and ensure that the logo reflects the subject and emotion you want your product to showcase.

Introduce Your Website Early

When launching a new software program or app, most companies use a website to provide potential users with all the information they may need. Release updates, demos and videos can all be used to garner interest. Creating and developing social media channels – like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – are important as well. These popular platforms are the first places that many people now go to learn more information about products and services for which they are interested. Just remember, social media is meant to be engaging, so have a little fun with the content you are sharing there.

Build a Mailing List

You will probably want to announce the launch of your new product through a newsletter, which means that you will need to build up your opt-in mailing list before the launch date. Signup forms can be included on your website and linked to on your social media pages to gather email addresses, and a great way to do so is by starting a monthly newsletter filled with industry-related content, special savings and more.

Interact with Your Target Customers

Your target customers will want to know that you are a knowledgeable industry leader before they are sold on your software, which is why it is so important to interact with them before your launch date. Begin adding valuable contributions to online forums and discussions, getting your name out there without directly marketing yourself and the product you will be offering.

Share with Influencers Pre-Launch

Get people talking about your software program or app by giving them a sneak peek! Bloggers with a strong online presence are an incredible resource, as they typically enjoy the opportunity to check out a product ahead of launch in exchange for posting their review. Not only will this get your product name out there, but it will also provide valuable information for you to bring to your QA team pre-launch.

Perform Plenty of QA Testing

Speaking of QA, it is imperative for you to perform quality assurance testing before launch. Working with an experienced QA team like Beta Breakers will ensure you have uncovered as many issues and bugs as possible, and that your product is user-friendly. You only have one launch date, and consumers expect to see a fully functional, well-developed and easy-to-navigate program.

For more information about Beta Breakers and our software quality assurance testing, give us a call at 415-878-2990, or email us at

Written by Beta Breakers

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  • Jack Titchener

    I like the paragraph that explains introducing a website early to ensure a successful software launch. There is no need for perfection in the early stages since the market understands that beta testing and updates will be needed for further maintenance. Great article!

  • Tex Hooper

    You make a great point about targeting a certain mailing list with your software. I need to get a software package that is easy for my workers to use. The current package we have right now is too hard to understand.