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Incorporating User Feedback into Functionality Testing

Functionality Testing

In software development, functionality testing is significant in ensuring that applications fulfill technical requirements and provide a smooth and satisfying user experience. This pivotal testing phase acts as a benchmark, uncovering the performance of the software product across various scenarios and user interactions. Integrating user feedback into the testing process can enhance the quality of… Read more »

Functionality vs. Regression Testing

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Whether you’re testing a website or a mobile app, two quality assurance tests you will likely administer are functionality tests and regression tests. Both have similar functions, but they also have distinct purposes that set them apart. Read on to learn more. Scope One of the biggest differences between functionality and regression testing is the… Read more »

Functional Testing vs. Non-Functional Testing

If you create a specific software and it works perfectly the first time, then you’re probably dreaming. All software applications are bound to have a few kinks both now and down the road. That’s why software must be constantly tested and re-tested for errors. There are several types of software testing—automated, accessibility, usability, localization, and… Read more »