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Severity vs. Priority in Bug Writing

Random QA trivia time! One question that we sometime get in reference to our bugbase is, “What’s the difference between severity and priority? Aren’t these the same thing?” While the terms can be easily conflated, they actually do have individual meaning: Severity is a measurement of how serious an issue is. While its application does… Read more »

MacOS Security Bugs Shake Confidence in Apple’s QA

Apple’s desktop operating system MacOS is well known for providing a stable, secure and relatively bug-free user experience.  In fact, the operating system’s ironclad security has long been one of its major selling points. Recently, however, a few glaring bugs in the new MacOS High Sierra have left some users wondering if Apple’s quality assurance… Read more »

Don’t Treat Your Customers Like Beta Testers

Once upon a time, companies spent months and, in some cases even years refining software and resolving bugs before sending a finished product out to their customers. They wanted to make sure that everything was just right prior to the software launch, since any lingering bugs could damage their reputation among customers and prevent their… Read more »