The Best Way to Solve a Problem Is to Get Out in Front of It

software quality assurance testing problemHistory has shown us that there are bound to be problems that arise when you are undertaking a big project. This includes developing new software.

Maybe your design team will miss a few deadlines, or maybe there will be setbacks in the development process. But the last place where you want to face any difficulties is during your new product’s launch.

Here at Beta Breakers, we believe that the best way to solve a problem is to get out in front of it. And when it comes to software development, quality assurance testing can be a great help in overcoming your potential problems.

Performed post-development (but pre-launch), our beta testing services are paramount to weed out bugs and other malfunctions in your software product.

Not only do these services help to ensure that your software functions correctly for the public eye, they also take into consideration how usable your product is for the average consumer. For example: Is it easy to get back to your app’s home screen? Is content readable across all mobile devices? Is the FAQ page comprehensive and easy to use?

Whether your software program needs functionality testing, performance testing or compatibility testing, Beta Breakers has the experience and equipment to help.

As all experienced business people know, problems are bound to arise in any situation. All you can do is prepare yourself for them as best you can and take all possible measures to prevent them from occurring. To ensure that there will be no software-related problem on your product launch date, work with the team at Beta Breakers to create and implement a quality assurance testing plan that ensures your product is ready for its big debut!

To learn more about our services and begin development of your testing strategy, call us at 415-878-2990.

Written by Beta Breakers

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