Three Reasons to Outsource Quality Assurance Testing

quality assurance testingQuality assurance testing is often an overlooked piece of the software development process. Whereas both producers and developers may think their code is flawless, they are nearly always mistaken.

Quality assurance testing ensures that your product is bug-free and ready for release.

For small, local businesses outsourcing QA testing is a no-brainer, but many times larger corporations wonder if it will be more cost effective for them to handle QA testing in house.

Beyond several logistical reasons (employee salaries, insurance and taxes), there remain other strong reasons for not building an in-house QA testing team:


One of the biggest advantages to outsourcing your QA testing is maintaining objectivity. Oftentimes when testing is performed in-house, it is done by the same group of individuals who created the software. And since they are so familiar with the material being reviewed, there is a higher likelihood for bugs and errors to go undiscovered.

A “fresh pair of eyes” is much more likely to uncover defects in functionality, as well as the tiny errors that may have gone unnoticed by individuals who have worked to develop this new software day in and day out.


Another great reason to outsource your QA testing is to save time. Not only will experienced QA testers be able to complete the testing at hand more quickly – and thoroughly (after all, that is what they do) – than your in-house staff, but outsourcing will also give your team time to focus on other projects.

This way, your company will have time to devote to other tasks while your quality assurance testing gets completed by individuals with the highest level of expertise.


Here at Beta Breakers, we have more than 25 years of experience handling quality assurance needs and our testers are well-trained in effective software testing methodologies. All testing takes place within our controlled, laboratory environment where we can simulate marketplace conditions for any release.


To learn more about the services Beta Breakers provides and to get started on your QA testing right away, visit us online or give us a call at 415-878-2990.

Written by Beta Breakers

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  • Ruby Penrod

    I appreciate you mentioning that outsourcing quality control testing saved time in the long run. My uncle is looking to outsource a quality control testing lab for the construction company he works for. Thank you for the information on the benefits of a quality assurance lab.

  • alisha

    I just come through your blog while searching more about software testing. Read your blog and love the way you have implemented the unique content about software testing and another testing related information. Thanks for sharing this and I will wait for your next updates. Keep it up!

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