Top Questions Asked by Beta Testers

beta testing questionsAt Beta Breakers, we help software companies test their software before it goes to market. We look for bugs, errors and appearance issues, and work to catch problems with your software before it’s released to your customers.

Some people still have questions about what exactly a beta software tester is and how to know what you need from a beta tester. It helps to know the questions that we ask ourselves when testing your program. Here are a few:

What Is the Software Trying to Accomplish?

This is the biggest question. Each piece of software has a mission, whether it is to help a business with its operations, create a fun game to play or allow people to effectively communicate. Software has all kinds of different applications, and our first mission is to make sure the software does what our customers want it to do. If it doesn’t, then we tell them that.

Would Someone Buy It?

If the software works, does it feel like something someone would purchase? While that’s a question best suited to the demands of the market your software is designed to serve, we want to make sure the software looks and feels professional so when people do purchase it, it meets the existing industry standards and expectations in terms of look, feel and performance.

Would You Use the Product Again?

Software is meant to be used more than once – often on a daily basis – so in our tests we want to make sure it’s something that has redeeming value and can be utilized multiple times with ease. That helps customers get real value out of the software instead of just a one-time use.

How Much Should You Charge?

Since we work with lots of software, we have an idea of what your particular program may be worth to consumers. We can give an idea of how much we would pay for it based on our experience working with a range of applications in many different industries. This can help guide your pricing decisions when the product is finished and ready for market.

Does the Software Do Something Unintended?

Software has lots of uses, so in our testing we look to see if there are any utilities that while not expressly created with a certain task at hand, may end up helping. Additional features can add a significant value or differentiating selling point to your software. On the other end, there could be a coding error or functionality problem that leads to unexpected results, and we can let you know where it occurred and see if it’s something that can be corrected or expanded into a desirable feature.

There are countless benefits to using a beta testing and QA services company before releasing your software product. In Beta Breakers, you get the experience of our team of quality assurance professionals who will work diligently to exercise your product so that it is as refined and polished as possible. To learn more, visit us online or give us a call at 415-878-2990.

Written by Beta Breakers

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