User Experience vs. Customer Experience: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re building a mobile app or website, you want to make sure that you provide an excellent experience to your users. User experience (UX) should be high up on your radar. After all, poor UX can cause you to lose customers. But what about customer experience (CX)? These two terms are often confused for one another, but in fact, they are distinct practices that are essential to your brand and product. Read on to learn more:

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User experience is all about how your product works. Its efficiency, speed, and ease of use are all factors when it comes to UX. A product with good UX performs properly, and there are very few (if any) hiccups. For example, if a user is on your website and they try to click a link, good UX would ensure that link works. Poor UX, meanwhile, would mean that the link doesn’t work, and your user is left frustrated. More often than not, a user will leave a website if they can’t get it to work as it should.

Customer Experience (CX)

So, what about customer experience? CX includes user experience, but it also includes other practices and methods for retaining your customer base. At its core, customer experience is about all the interactions a customer has with your brand. This includes your website and app, but also your employees, logos, slogans, and other products. Good CX relies on good UX, but it also depends on various other factors such as your customer service skills and product quality.

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