5G Networks Are Beginning to Roll Out

5G Cell Tower

As of this April, Verizon has officially launched its own 5G network. The network is currently live in two U.S. cities—Chicago and Minneapolis. This makes it the first live 5G network in the world. While the initial rollout is small, the company is expecting to expand to 30 more markets by the end of the year.

This can really open the door up for mobile app development, as the amount of data these apps can provide to users in a timely manner will be so much higher. This will also allow websites to utilize much clearer and larger resolutions for any media, such as photos and videos.

5G is the next generation of wireless technology, offering significantly faster speeds than 4G. With 5G, downloading a movie could take just seconds. This paves the way for new apps and experiences that wouldn’t be possible with slower speeds. For example, imagine VR apps without any lag or streaming high-quality videos without buffering.

Beyond entertainment, 5G’s reliability makes it ideal for applications that require real-time connections. This could revolutionize fields like remote surgery and self-driving cars, where even a slight delay could have serious consequences. Additionally, 5G will allow us to connect many more devices at once, making our homes and cities smarter and more efficient.

What’s next?

Rolling out 5G everywhere isn’t going to be easy. It takes a lot of money and effort to build the necessary infrastructure. Plus, we need to make sure there are enough 5G-compatible devices that people can afford.

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