5G Networks Are Beginning to Roll Out

Cell TowerAs of this April, Verizon has officially launched its own 5G network. The network is currently live in two U.S. cities—Chicago and Minneapolis. This makes it the first live 5G network in the world. While the initial rollout is small, the company is expecting to expand to 30 more markets by the end of the year.

5G represents a sizeable step forward in mobile bandwidth—with speeds up to 10 times faster than current 4G speeds.

This can really open the door up for mobile app development, as the amount of data these apps can provide to users in a timely manner will be so much higher. This will also allow websites to utilize much clearer and larger resolutions for any media such as photos and videos.

One of the many QA services we provide here at Beta Breakers involves testing applications in various network conditions. This not only includes Wi-Fi and high-speed data connections, but also situations where users have poor, throttled conditions. Call today so that we can talk about which of the mobile app testing services we offer will best suit your application’s needs!

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