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Quality Assurance for Mobile Apps: Why It’s Non-Negotiable

The world has seen a massive shift towards mobile in recent years. As of 2023, mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising. To tap into this lucrative market and stand out from the competition, having a well-functioning, user-friendly mobile app is crucial. This is where… Read more »

5G Networks Are Beginning to Roll Out

As of this April, Verizon has officially launched its own 5G network. The network is currently live in two U.S. cities—Chicago and Minneapolis. This makes it the first live 5G network in the world. While the initial rollout is small, the company is expecting to expand to 30 more markets by the end of the… Read more »

What Has Changed with the Apple iOS 10 Update

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operation system, iOS 10, was released to the public in early September. Many Apple users eagerly downloaded the latest update, aweing at the option to send a confetti-filled message. Other users hesitated to download iOS 10, gawking that the slide-to-open feature did not survive the latest update. Whether you… Read more »