Ensure Your New Software is Compatible with Old Hardware

software compatibilityAt one point or another, we have all experienced software problems due to the age of our hardware. And while this incident happens to everyone, it is extraordinarily frustrating when it is happening to you, which is why Beta Breakers recommends having compatibility testing performed before the release of your newest software.

What happens when software isn’t compatible?

Depending on the hardware being used, there are many different problems that can arise when software is not compatible. From the slow-running systems that occur when a new version of iOS is downloaded to an older generation iPhone, to the features that disappear when you try to run new software on a computer with an older hard drive, there are many frustrations users can face.

And while your team may be using the newest technology available to create a piece of software, it is not likely that everyone using the software will be doing the same. Most of us use laptops, phones and computers for years at a time, making software incompatibility a common problem.

What is compatibility testing?

Performed to ensure that the software you created will function correctly on a variety of different platforms – both new and old – compatibility testing is extremely important nowadays. With so many different smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers on the market, the product you create will be downloaded onto many different platforms, all with different hardware specifications.

When performing compatibility testing in the Beta Breakers’ labs, testers will identify the hardware/software/browser components a product is designed to support and evaluate compatibility between the product and these particular components. As incompatibilities arise, they will be noted and investigated further to determine exactly why they are occurring.

With an extensive lab area that is home to a wide array of mobile devices, laptops, PC systems and Mac systems, Beta Breakers can ensure that your software is compatible with every system you have planned for.

For more information, visit us online or contact us by phone at 415-878-2990.

Written by Beta Breakers

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