How a Slow Loading Website Can Spell Disaster

searching slow loading websiteFrom watching television to paying bills, shopping for gifts and catching up on the news, the Internet is used for a wide array of activities nowadays. Whether you are trying to order take out on your way home from work or are sending an e-gift card to your best friend for their birthday, it is important for the websites you use to load correctly. We’ve all experienced the slow loading site and we all have the same reaction to this problem: Head back to our search engine and try somewhere else.

A slow loading website can spell disaster for your business and is one of the fastest ways to send your customers into the arms of your competition. Reliability is a key component to customer loyalty, which is why Beta Breakers stresses having software load testing and performance testing performed. Test your servers to evaluate the performance of your site under normal load and under high load conditions.

Beta Breakers uses sophisticated software to stress test applications and analyze performance data to determine your system’s overall health. Load testing will reveal issues with your website before it launches, ensuring that your site is ready to handle everyday activity as well as peak performance times. As load testing is performed, you will receive regular reports and recommendations to help improve your site’s performance.

Beta Breakers provides an array of software quality assurance solutions to ensure your software is ready to launch. Contact us online or by phone at 415-878-2990 to discuss your project and learn more about the importance of software load and performance testing.

Written by Beta Breakers

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