Website Testing and Your Bounce Rates

website testingWhether you are a small business owner or the president of a large corporation, you have heard the term “bounce rate” when your website is being discussed.

Each page of your website has its own bounce rate, defined as “the percentage of single-page web sessions,” by Google.

There are a wide range of factors that can affect your bounce rate, including your site design, content and load time. Bounce rate can have a major effect on your sales, and should be treated as an important metric.

According to, an average bounce rate is between 41 and 55 percent, and a bounce rate between 26 and 40 percent is excellent.

Extensive amounts of data and potential bounce rate factors can be reviewed in Google Analytics to help you to better develop your website, and website testing can be performed to ensure that your site is running at its full capabilities.

The team at Beta Breakers offers a variety of website testing services, meant to reveal, document and resolve issues that compromise user experience.

  • Website testing often begins with functionality and compatibility testing.
  • Load testing is another important component to review. No customer wants to shop on a site that cannot be reached, or has a slow load time, and since your website can only perform as well as your servers can, they should be tested to ensure they can handle every level of stress.

Also called performance testing, load testing evaluates how well your site runs under circumstances that include normal load, anticipated future load and abnormal peak load.

Testing will assure your site can handle any number of visitors that come its way, something that is imperative to your success. To learn more about website testing and how it can assist in reducing your bounce rates, please call Beta Breakers at 415-878-2990.

Written by Beta Breakers

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