Why Beta Testing is Essential

Recently, several automobile companies have had to recall their cars, trucks and SUVs because something was wrong with their vehicles that could lead to fatalities. The cost to fix the problems is astronomical, as you can imagine, and it doesn’t bode well for these companies’ reputations.

These days, most people work (and play) on computers as well as handheld devices like smart phones. And people trust that what they’re using will function as intended and do no harm. However, we also live in a time when many errors, problems, and even hackers can disrupt the proper functioning of websites, software and mobile applications.

Beta Breakers is a company that can perform Beta Testing to check your company’s software for quality assurance—it’s like hiring a second set of fresh eyes to look at what you’re doing, while finding and identifying any problems which could cost you time, money and brainpower in the long run.

Beta Testing is important because it puts your software to the test with “real people” who may or may not be familiar with the nuts-and-bolts of your software. They test your software out to see if it works for them, and if it doesn’t, they’re able to tell you what went wrong and needs fixing. Better to have a couple people tell you about a problem now, than to release a product on the market and discover later that there’s a major flaw, as evidenced by a million angry emails, phone calls, and blog posts.

A company lives or dies based on its reputation. Companies have to build trust with their customers, and one way they do that is by delivering products that work well, making people’s lives easier or more fun.

Utilize the services of Beta Breakers now so you don’t have to experience a potentially company-ending crisis in the future.

Written by Beta Breakers

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