User Experience Must Be a Priority In Today’s Marketplace

What good is something if the consumer can’t use it the way it’s intended to be used? If you were to give a kid a video game for Christmas, and he or she was so excited to play it that morning, imagine how the smile would turn to tears if the video game unexplainably got… Read more »

Software Release Takes a Cycle of Seven Stages

Most of the time, people take the software they’re using for granted. When we open a program on our computer, we just expect it to work, and in most cases it does. What many software users don’t realize is how much effort goes into an end product that “just works.” We’ve all heard stories in… Read more »

The Importance of Beta Testing Video Cards

If you have neither the resources nor the time to maintain lab environments with adequate platform-compatibility coverage, know this: Beta Breakers does. Loaded with the latest in technology, operating systems, and peripherals necessary to test your products and test them well, Beta Breakers does, among other things, beta test for video cards. Able to generate… Read more »

The Disturbing Trend of a Lack of Women in the Computer Science Industry

Every so often, it is interesting to look at trends in your industry as a whole.  For us, that means examining the inner workings of computer science and examining trends both good and bad. Lately, there has been an unfavorable development regarding tech communities: women just aren’t a part of it anymore. Well, we mean… Read more »